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Faze Construction is your go-to solution for all your window needs. We offer a wide variety of window types that are tailored to match your specific requirements. Our products are known to be energy-efficient, and we use the most innovative materials that are designed to combat the harsh weather conditions. Our windows are built with an inner energy-efficient alternative to aluminum, which ensures that you save money on energy bills while you enjoy maximum comfort. At Faze Construction we offer several screen options that fit any need. Our competitive pricing and high-quality materials ensure that we remain your top choice. Our team of professionals is also known for using the best energy-efficient products in the market, assuring you of the most innovative and sustainable products. Whether you need repairs or are replacing everything from scratch, Faze Construction is the perfect solution for all your window needs.

Benefits of our window

  • Our extrusions are fusion welded at every corner to create seamless and strong windows.
  • Maintenance free- the vinyl formulation maintains its color and smooth surface. 
  • Multi-chamber extrusions – interior walls add strength. These walls and air chambers between further improve insulating properties. 
  • Casement- Sash cranks fold into base for a clean look. Sash opens fully with just a few turns . These windows are triple sealed against weather and can be safely cleaned inside the home. 
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Faze Construction is known for providing the best energy efficient products in the market. Currently we are using innerly. Innergy is the innovative, energy efficient alternative to aluminum. We are using rigid thermal reinforcements that are advanced fiberglass resin inserts, designed to slide easily into window chambers for greater support and insulation. Contact us today and one of our specialists will teach about our high quality, innovative products that will meet not only your aesthetic needs but the the quality and protection needs of your home as well. 


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