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At Faze Construction, we understand the significance of a dependable roof. With a wide range of roof options available, we guarantee a roofing system that provides long-term value and enduring performance. As Fort Wayne’s preferred roofing replacement construction team, Faze Construction offers top-notch roof replacement services, recognized for an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. Since a new roof is a significant investment, we only use high-quality materials. Figuring out when it’s time for roof replacement isn’t always easy, but there are signs to watch out for such as a 20-year-old asphalt roof, lost shingles, damaged walls or ceilings after a storm, and higher energy bills. We have several different styles, options and materials to help you create and protect the home of your dreams.

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Faze Construction’s roofing systems are engineered to protect your home from the elements, making them a dependable and valuable investment. Our products are of high quality, backed by the best warranties in the industry, and are designed and installed with the utmost care by our experienced team. Regardless of your roofing system’s size or type, we can get the job done right. Invest in your home by choosing a complete, weathertight roofing system designed and installed by Faze Construction’s local team of experienced roofing professionals, using high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers.


Faze Construction is known for providing the best warranties in the industry for new roofing systems. We take pride in our ability to fix any issue immediately within the warranty guidelines. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your roof and recommend appropriate roofing solutions that are cost-effective. Whether it’s a repair or replacement, we have got you covered. Trust us to handle your roofing needs with care and professionalism.


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