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Welcome to Faze Construction, Fort Wayne’s premier choice for storm damage roof repair. At Faze Construction, we combine our passion for excellence with a meticulous attention to detail, setting the standard in roofing services. Recognized as the safest roofing company in the Fort Wayne area, our commitment to safety and quality craftsmanship ensures that every project is executed with the utmost precision and care.

Established with a vision to provide unparalleled service, Faze Construction has built a reputation for reliability and superior workmanship. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to tackle any roofing challenge, big or small.

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Why Choose Faze Construction for Your Storm Damage Roof Repair

When a storm hits, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Choosing the right contractor for your storm damage roof repair is crucial. Here’s why Faze Construction should be your top choice:

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Expertise in Storm Damage

We specialize in identifying and repairing storm-related damages, ensuring your roof is restored to its pre-storm condition or better.

Rapid Response and Assessment

Understanding the urgency, our team provides quick and efficient assessment of damages, ensuring timely repairs.

Comprehensive Service Package

  • Damage Assessment: Thorough inspection to identify all storm-related damages.

  • Insurance Claims Assistance: Navigating insurance claims can be daunting. Our team assists you through the process for a smoother, hassle-free experience.

Transparent Communication

We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring clarity and peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Local Expertise

  • Understanding of Local Climate: Our extensive experience in Fort Wayne means we understand the local weather patterns and design roofs to withstand regional climate challenges.

  • Community Focus: As a local business, we are committed to serving our community, building not just roofs but relationships.

Comprehensive Services

  • Full-Service Solutions: From initial consultation to final inspection, we provide a comprehensive range of services, covering all aspects of roofing.

  • After-Sales Support: Our relationship doesn’t end with the completion of the project. We offer robust after-sales support and maintenance services.

In Fort Wayne, where weather can be unpredictable, having a reliable roofing contractor is essential. Faze Construction is dedicated to restoring the safety and integrity of your home with efficient, effective storm damage roof repair services. Trust us to be your partner in navigating post-storm restoration, delivering quality work that stands the test of time.


Discover The Faze Construction Difference As The Leader In Fort Wayne Storm Damage Roof Repair

Unmatched Warranty: Peace of Mind for Years to Come

At Faze Construction, we understand that your home is more than just a structure – it’s a haven for you and your loved ones. That’s why we are proud to offer the best warranty in the industry, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind. Our warranty isn’t just a document; it’s a promise, a testament to the faith we have in our work and the materials we use.


Our Warranty Promise:

  • Long-Term Protection: Our comprehensive warranty covers your roof for an extended period, far surpassing industry standards.
  • Security in Your Investment: With our warranty, your investment is protected against unforeseen issues, ensuring your home’s safety and your peace of mind.
  • Trust and Reliability: Our confidence in offering such a warranty reflects our commitment to excellence and trust in our craftsmanship.

Choosing Faze Construction means choosing a partner who stands firmly behind their work, offering not just a service, but a long-term commitment to your home’s well-being.

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Energy Efficiency - Your Gateway to a Sustainable Future

In today’s world, energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. Faze Construction is at the forefront of this movement, incorporating highly energy-efficient products in all our projects. Our commitment to energy efficiency is your pathway to a home that not only saves you money but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Benefits Of Our Energy-Efficient Products:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: Our energy-efficient products significantly lower your heating and cooling costs, providing financial relief and long-term savings.
  • Environmental Impact: By choosing our services, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, playing your part in environmental conservation.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Energy-efficient products maintain a more consistent temperature in your home, enhancing overall comfort and living experience.

Opting for Faze Construction means not just repairing or enhancing your home but also investing in a future where sustainability and comfort go hand in hand.

Fostering Trust Through Transparent & Effective Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful project, and at Faze Construction, we take this to heart. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients through open, honest, and consistent communication. Every step of the way, you’re not just informed, you’re involved.

Our Communication Commitment:

  • Regular Updates: From the initial assessment to the final walkthrough, we keep you informed, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Personalized Attention: We understand every client is unique. Our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Building Trust: Transparent communication builds trust, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship.

When you choose Faze Construction, you’re choosing a partner who values your voice and vision. We’re not just building roofs – we’re building relationships based on trust, respect, and open dialogue.

The Faze promise

At Faze Construction, we’re more than just a construction company; we’re a partner in your home’s journey. With our industry-leading warranty, commitment to energy efficiency, and dedication to open communication, we offer an experience that is as rewarding as it is reliable. 

Choose Faze Construction, and join a family of satisfied homeowners who have experienced the difference of working with a company that truly cares.

Contact us today to start your project with Faze Construction – where quality, sustainability, and communication come together to create the home of your dreams.

Commonly Asked Questions About Storm Damage Roof Repair

At Faze Construction, we understand that navigating the aftermath of a storm in Fort Wayne can be daunting, especially when it concerns your home’s roof. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about storm damage roof repair.

Who Should I Contact First If I Suspect Roof Damage?

After a storm in Fort Wayne, if you suspect roof damage, it’s essential to promptly contact a professional roofing contractor. This initial step is crucial as a professional can accurately identify the extent of the damage, which might include issues like hail damage, leaks, or structural weaknesses. Experts at Faze Construction are trained to spot even the subtlest signs of damage that untrained eyes might miss.

A roofing specialist will conduct a thorough inspection, marking the damaged areas and providing a detailed report. This report is not only crucial for repair planning but also forms the basis of any insurance claims. It’s recommended to choose a contractor with a strong reputation and positive customer reviews in Fort Wayne to ensure a trustworthy and accurate assessment.

What Does My Roof Insurance Typically Cover?

Understanding your roof insurance coverage is vital when dealing with storm damage. Generally, insurance policies cover damages caused by unforeseen incidents like storms, but the extent of the coverage can vary. This variation often depends on factors like the age of the roof, the type of damage (e.g., hail damage), and the terms of your policy.

For roofs under a certain age, insurance might cover the full cost of repair or replacement. In contrast, older roofs might only be eligible for a reimbursement of their depreciated value. It’s important to review your insurance policy’s specifics or discuss with your provider to understand what damages are covered. Keep in mind that regular maintenance and timely repairs can positively impact the coverage you receive.

Will My Insurance Rates Increase If I File a Storm Damage Claim?

A common concern for many homeowners in Fort Wayne is whether filing a storm damage claim will result in increased insurance premiums. Generally, an individual claim for weather-related damage, such as hail damage, shouldn’t directly increase your insurance rates. However, it’s important to note that if a widespread weather event affects a large area, insurance companies may raise rates to offset their increased overall risk exposure.

Contacting your insurance provider for specific information regarding your policy is advisable. Understanding these nuances can help you make informed decisions about when and how to file a claim.

What Are the Steps for Storm Damage Roof Repair?

The process for storm damage roof repair involves several critical steps to ensure the integrity and safety of your home in Fort Wayne. Firstly, a thorough inspection of the roof is needed to identify all forms of damage, including subtle hail damage or water leakage.

After the assessment, temporary solutions should be applied to mitigate further damage. This might include covering broken areas to prevent water ingress. The next step is getting a detailed inspection and repair estimate from a qualified roofing contractor. This estimate is crucial for your insurance claim.

Finally, with the contractor’s assessment in hand, contact your insurance provider to discuss coverage. They may send an adjuster to verify the claim before approval. Prompt and accurate steps in this process can significantly expedite your roof’s repair and restoration.

Why Should I Call a Roofer Before My Insurance Company?

Contacting a professional roofer before reaching out to your insurance company can be a strategic move for homeowners in Fort Wayne. A roofing expert can provide a precise and comprehensive evaluation of the storm damage, which is essential for an accurate insurance claim. They can identify specific issues, like hail damage or compromised structural integrity, which might not be apparent to insurance adjusters.

A detailed report from a roofer, complete with photographs and descriptions, can strengthen your insurance claim. Additionally, roofing contractors often have experience working with insurance companies and can offer guidance through the claims process, ensuring you receive fair compensation for the repairs.

At Faze Construction, we’re committed to assisting Fort Wayne residents through every step of their storm damage roof repair, from initial assessment to final restoration. Our expertise in dealing with insurance claims and roof repairs ensures a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

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