People don\’t give much thought to the importance of having a solid, dependable roof.



are our purpose.


We keep our word, always.


We do the right thing.


We do the right thing.


Excellence in all we do.

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We strive for excellence in all we do. We stand behind our work on your project. If anything needs to be addressed for one year from the date of completion we will make it right.




Get the greatest value for your money. Up to the first install date, if you can find any shingle roofing system at a lower price, we will refund you the difference.




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About Our company


People don\’t give much thought to the importance of having a solid, dependable roof. The maintenance of a roof can, however, prevent serious damage or failures that could result in expensive damage or a complete collapse.

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Faze\’s High Standard Company

Faze’s High Standards of Performance

It\’s not just about tools when it comes to building; it\’s about people as well. Taking pride in our high standards of performance, our continuous growth, and our community involvement, we have fostered a culture of mutual respect, active communication, and customer satisfaction.

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Quality Roofing Services

Quality Roofing Services at Affordable Prices

Faze Roofing & Construction is committed to providing quality roofing services at an affordable price in Fort Wayne. As a roofing company, we are committed to only using high-quality materials, such as those made by CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and a number of other respected manufacturers. We welcome customers from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis to join our growing list of satisfied customers.

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We Provide Residential Roofing, Home Siding, and Home Gutter Services

Along with our residential roofing services we also provide the same level of pride, customer care, and craftsmanship with our residential home siding and residential home gutter services.


Residential Home Roofing


Residential Home Siding


Residential Home Gutters

Faze\’s High Standard Company

Integrity, Culture, and Craftsmanship

It is the integrity of the company that installs your roof that determines the integrity of your roof. Whether we are fixing or replacing a part of your home, we at Faze Roofing & Construction take the same care and diligence as we do when growing our company. In addition to what you can see, what you can\’t see is equally important.

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Indiana is our home, and we treat our neighbors like family.

Seabron is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for construction and
a wealth of experience in the roofing industry. As a native of Fort
Wayne, he has always been interested in the construction trade, and he
began learning the roofing process from a trusted established partner.
With a desire to make a difference in the industry, Seabron honed his
leadership and business skills by completing a Master\’s course in
Business Administration. Armed with his knowledge, Seabron founded his
own roofing company, which quickly gained a reputation for quality
work and exceptional customer service.

Seabron is a devoted family man and takes pride in being a loving husband and
father to his daughter. Under his leadership, the roofing company has
grown to become a leading player in the Midwest construction industry,
completing numerous roofing projects for residential and commercial
Seabron\’s approach to roofing is anchored on a commitment to
excellence, which he instills in his team of skilled professionals. He
emphasizes the importance of using top-quality materials, adhering to
best practices, and ensuring that each project is completed within the
agreed timelines.

Seabron is a sought-after authority in the industry, regularly
speaking on public forums and business podcasts. He is known for his
expertise in roofing technology, project management, and business
strategy. He is also working to publish several articles on the topic,
sharing his insights on industry trends, best practices, and emerging

Despite his success, Seabron remains committed to continuous learning
and improvement. He regularly attends workshops and training sessions
to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, and he encourages
his team to do the same.
Seabron\’s passion for roofing and dedication to excellence have earned
him a reputation as a trusted authority in the industry. His vision
and leadership have helped his company to thrive, and he is poised to
continue making a positive impact in the construction industry for
many years to come.


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